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Another Bridge Constructing Game


Build your own bridge and test it! Game draws inspiration from great Chronic Logic series.


From ver. 0.1:


Use mouse to build bridge and SPACE to start train.

Other keys:

  • + - zoom in
  • - - zoom out
  • arrows - scroll
  • P - pause on/off
  • L - load bridge from file (must run game with filename parameter)
  • S - save bridge to file (must run game with filename parameter)


Program is under GNU GPL (see

Source code is in SVN repository:

To build you need OpenGL, GLU and GLUT libraries and cmake program.

v0.1 (binary for windows, old):

Note: game require GLUT library ( - GLUT for windows).

Game engine specification in Power Point (polish only!): symulacja_w_grach_komputerowych.ppt

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